Commercial & Complex Litigation

There are two ways to become embroiled in commercial litigation — initiating it and responding when someone else initiates it. At Durrette, Arkema, Gerson & Gill, we have a wealth of experience with both.

We are neither a plaintiff nor a defense firm. We are an experienced team of litigators ready to provide seasoned, individualized counsel to gain the best outcome for our clients. Sometimes that counsel involves mediation or binding arbitration, which can save time and money for our clients. Other times, it involves litigation after negotiation, dispute resolution or other alternatives have broken down.

While we believe that in most situations litigation is a last resort, when it can’t be avoided, our attorneys are ready to work for you, offering unparalleled experience as trusted and resourceful counsel. Our track record before judges and juries speaks for itself. We have prevailed in cases described by one law professor as “one of the most complex cases litigated in the modern era” and another classified as a leading case on Virginia’s business conspiracy law. Our attorneys have won precedent-setting cases involving age discrimination, attorney fee awards, application of the Uniform Commercial Code, and interpretation of the statute of limitations in certain shareholder disputes.

Wyatt B. Durrette, Jr. is the Chairman of the Commercial Litigation Group.