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Labor & Employment

Durrette, Arkema, Gerson & Gill provides practical, business oriented solutions to our clients. We represent management in all areas of employment law and employment litigation, including pre-employment matters and background checks, discipline and discharge, medical and other leave issues, discrimination claims, trade secret protection and personnel policies. Our attorneys advise employers of all sizes on human resources issues, and guide them to minimize liability risks.

Should litigation arise, Durrette, Arkema, Gerson & Gill works closely with our clients to evaluate claims early in the process. We believe such efforts identify the potential issues with a case, set reasonable expectations, and allow clients to make informed decisions that control the costs of litigation. Where appropriate, we will explore mediation or other methods to resolve the matter on favorable terms so that our clients may avoid the expense of trial.

Durrette, Arkema, Gerson & Gill recognizes that there is a distinction between employment and labor law. Durrette, Arkema, Gerson & Gill has significant experience in traditional labor law matters such as arbitrations, unfair labor practice charges, grievances, picketing, and strikes. We represent clients on charges before the National Labor Relations Board and the Department of Labor, and provide counsel on union campaigns and elections. This traditional labor law experience allows our attorneys to recognize when routine employment policies may otherwise violate federal and state labor laws.


Our firm regularly counsels and represents employers in a variety of labor and employment matters including:

  • Restrictive covenants and other employment agreements
  • Trade secrets and protection of proprietary information
  • Family and medical leave issues
  • Employee health issues and ADA claims
  • Employment discrimination and harassment
  • Overtime pay and other wage issues, including the appropriate use of commissions
  • Supervisor and management training
  • Personnel policies and audits
  • Substance abuse screening
  • Defending unemployment claims
  • Union campaigns, negotiations, and strikes
  • Collective bargaining assistance
  • Arbitration of union grievances


We recognize that successful employers are focused on the company’s reputation, growth and profitability. In order to achieve significant results in these areas, employers must maintain an effective, efficient workforce. Durrette, Arkema, Gerson & Gill provides many services that will assist you in this regard.

  • We train management teams on employment and labor law matters, including union avoidance, unlawful harassment and discrimination, wage and hour regulations, and handling requests for medical leave and reasonable accommodations.
  • We provide counseling on human resource obligations including minimum wage and overtime, record keeping requirements, substance abuse policies, OSHA, and whistle blowing claims.
  • We protect valuable business relationships and customers when employees leave the workplace through the use of non-compete and non-solicitation agreements, employment contracts, confidentiality agreements and restrictions on the use of trade secrets. When necessary, we represent employers in litigation challenging the enforcement of such restrictions;
  • We investigate allegations of discrimination and harassment.
  • We educate employers on their requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Family and Medical Leave Act and worker’s compensation laws.
  • We audit payroll compensation practices to ensure compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.
  • We review personnel policies and handbooks for compliance with federal and state laws;
  • We advise employers on discipline and discharge situations, including reductions in force.
  • We represent employers in state and federal courts when they are accused of discrimination, harassment, wrongful discharge, wage claims, or violations of other employment laws.
  • We protect client interests in connection with labor disputes, strikes, and work stoppages.
  • We defend allegations of unfair labor practices before the National Labor Relations Board and represent employers in grievance and arbitration matters arising under collective bargaining agreements.


We also recognize that all businesses are not the same. Indeed, employment practices vary significantly among the differing industries. Whether it involves protecting trades secrets or structuring compensation to maintain a competitive advantage in your field, our attorneys will work with you to understand and address your individual concerns. Durrette, Arkema, Gerson & Gill recognizes that employers must maintain an effective, efficient workforce. Our approach to representation has allowed us to represent a diverse group of clients in many industries, including the following:

  • Healthcare
  • Financial institutions and investment subsidiaries
  • Insurance and disability carriers
  • Building products manufacturers
  • Paper and paper products manufacturers
  • Telecommunications providers
  • Construction companies
  • Temporary employment companies
  • Computer data and maintenance corporations
  • Restaurants and service industries
  • Retail automobile dealers
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts