Why Durrette, Arkema, Gerson & Gill?


With so many law firms available, it can be a real challenge to select the one best suited to meet your needs. We believe Durrette, Arkema, Gerson & Gill deserves your consideration because of how we approach representing our clients.


Overstaffing a case–particularly at the senior level–can unnecessarily increase the cost of litigation. We assess your situation at the outset and assemble the right mix of professionals needed to accomplish your goals. In some cases that means one attorney can handle your entire matter. Other cases will require a mix of senior and junior attorneys to address the varied complexity of issues in a cost-effective manner. We do not believe “one size fits all.” The same is true in staffing our corporate work. You don’t need – and shouldn’t be expected to pay for – numerous sets of eyes vetting the documents. We also provide our junior attorneys the opportunity to handle appropriate matters. At Durrette, Arkema, Gerson & Gill, you won’t be billed for more experience than is required to get the job done.


Although the costs of some aspects of our representation are beyond our control, we can tell our clients what will be required and estimate how much it might cost. If our estimate needs to change, we will let you know. During the course of our engagement, you will learn why we perform certain tasks, and we will consider your input on major expenditures. Our clients remain an integral part of the decision-making process every step of the way.


We will keep you informed of all significant developments as they unfold. Frankly, we’ll send you emails with attachments until you tell us to stop flooding your in-box. And the same goes for our billing. If you prefer, each bill will identify who did what, when it happened, how much time it took, and how much it cost. We can bill bi-monthly or even weekly if you prefer. And, if you have questions or comments about our billing statements, we want to hear them. Our goal is to make sure you know exactly what we’re doing to help you.

Now that you know a little more about Durrette, Arkema, Gerson & Gill, please take a moment to read the individual biographies of our impressive attorneys. Pay attention to how many have been recognized by our peers by inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America, Super Lawyers, and Legal Elite.